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Our team is small but mighty. We are known for our many years of experience in our field of expertise, our motivation to put our customers at the centre of everything we do and our conscientious approach to our projects.

Andreas Hüppi, Managing Director
Andreas Hüppi

Managing Director

Phone +41 71 626 20 45

andreas.hueppi -at-

Roman Moser, Project Manager
Roman Moser

Project Manager

Phone +41 71 626 20 44

roman.moser -at-

Michael Preisig, Project Manager
Michael Preisig

Project Manager

Phone +41 71 626 20 43

michael.preisig -at-

Nadia Lo Curto, Administration
Nadia Lo Curto

Administration & Accounting (accounts receivable)

Phone +41 71 626 20 42

nadia.locurto -at-

Lilo Hüppi, Bookkeeping
Lilo Hüppi

Bookkeeping (accounts payable)

Phone +41 71 626 20 41

lilo.hueppi -at-

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